This section is for children with a serious medical condition or in need of emergency medication.  For day-to-day information please click here.

Children’s welfare is of the utmost importance and this includes meeting their medical needs. At Hinchley Wood Primary School, we follow the guidance issued by the Department for Education: ‘Supporting Pupils with Medical Conditions at School’.

You must not assume that your child can attend school until medical conditions have been fully discussed with the school.

What to do if my child has a medical condition and is starting school?

  • During the admission process you will be asked about your child’s medical needs and you should share any relevant documents about their condition with the school office

What to do if my child has a serious medical condition or emergency medication i.e. an inhaler or epipen in school?

  • If your child’s medical condition is serious and poses a risk to life or long-term health they will require a health care plan to be agreed with the medical professional, parent and school
  • If your child needs a health care plan, you will be sent relevant documents from the school office.
  • Your child’s class teacher will discuss these documents with you once you have completed them.
  • A health care plan will be required if:
    • Your child’s asthma is chronic and they have been hospitalised due to an asthma attack
    • Your child has an epipen, has epilepsy or diabetes
    • Your child has a serious medical condition that poses a risk to life or long-term health
  • A health care plan is not required for asthma unless it is chronic
  • Your child must have two prescriptions in school: one to be stored in the medical room and one in the classroom
  • Your child cannot attend school without their emergency medication
  • Your child’s emergency medication will be taken with them on any trips

What to do if my child needs other medication?

  • The school expects parents to administer non-emergency medication wherever possible
  • The administering of medication that is not specified in a health care plan will need to be discussed with the office the relevant forms will need to be completed
  • Parents are notified via our online system when prescribed medication is administered at school

What to do if my child is diagnosed with a new medical condition or a temporary medical condition i.e. broken bone?

  • You must inform the school of any new medical diagnosis as soon as possible
  • You must have a full discussion with the school and confirm whether your child can attend school
  • The class teacher will complete a risk assessment for you to agree before your child returns to school

What to do if my child is sick?

  • You must inform the school if you child is unable to attend school due to illness

What will happen if my child is sick during the school day?

  • If your child is sick during the day they will be assessed by the principal first aider in the school office
  •  Your child may be brought to the medical room and if necessary you will be called to collect then from school

Residential Trips

  • The school will take emergency medication on the residential trip
  • The school will agree a health care plan with you if your child has any medical needs or any medication that it is agreed needs to be administered  during the residential trip 

Parent Links

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