School Meals

Our in-school caterers provide healthy, child-friendly and varied meals each day.

Children select their main course at the counter and then help themselves to a selection of fresh salads at our colourful salad bar. A daily choice of home made bread, a pudding and a selection of fruit completes the meal.

The current menu can be viewed below.


Special dietary requirements are accomodated; parents are asked to keep the school office notified of your child's needs and any changes over time.

School meals are free of charge for all children in Reception, Year 1 & Year 2 and are £2.35 per day for children in Years 3-6 (Sept 2021)

School lunch or packed lunch option must be made for the whole of each half term. If you wish to change your meal option, from school dinner to packed lunch or vice-versa, then please let the school office know before the last week of the previous half term by emailing