Our Values

Values are principles that guide behaviour and choices. Our values help teach pupils how to develop their character, guide their decisions, behaviour and learning.

Our five values of Confidence, Consideration, Determination, Enthusiasm and Independence are evident through all of our work and day to day school life.

  • We use our 'Stay on Green' reward system throughout the school reflecting our values and giving children a daily reminder of our high expectations of their attitude to work and behaviour.

  • We have also introduced 'Well Being Ambassadors' throughout the school. These are children who have  put themselves forward to help others. The elected ambassadors mentor and support other children at playtimes and lunchtimes  whilst independently arranging suitable activities. They have proven to be a great asset for the well-being of all involved and also strong demonstrators of our values.

  • Consideration for one another takes many forms at HWPS. This includes learning about other cultures, various disabilities, being thoughtful and inclusive, listening to different points of view and showing respect to everyone and the environment around us. We are very proud of the excellent behaviour and kindness shown at our school.

British Values

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